International Women’s Month

In honor of International Women’s Month.

Candice and I became friends 2.5 years ago during an AZ bloggers photo shoot for Williams Sonoma. There was a lot of fun and laughter surrounding this early morning gathering and photo shoot.

Williams Sonoma Photoshoot. Left to right: Jenn, Me, Melissa, Candice, Neyda

Unfortunately, I was going through an unexpected divorce (although I don’t speak publicly about this painful time, it actually turned out to be one of the greatest blessings of my life. Perhaps I’ll share more details at a later date…). Immediately following the shoot, I was going to meet with my now ex-husband to sign off on our house, close out all of our joint bank accounts and get our divorce papers notarized. I was an emotional mess to say the least. Because I am always professional, I composed myself through the shoot, but broke down when everything was over, and I was placing my items in my car’s trunk. I did not know Candice and had never met her before that morning. However, I’ll never forget her walking over to me with great concern on her pretty face and asking, “What’s wrong?” I briefly told her what was happening and that I had to leave right away.  She said, “Girl, you will be OK. Let’s get wine tonight!” As I got in my car, she suggested meeting at Postino (a wine restaurant in Phoenix). Because of her compassion, I was able to get through the next painful hour and a half because I had plans in place and something to look forward to! That night, we became fast friends and I realized she has a very kind soul. Throughout our fun friendship we have traveled and gone to many blogging events together, such as attending New York Fashion Week, Sedona, Happy Hours, fabulous dinners and I even helped host a baby shower for her darling daughter Nixon, who is now 7 months old….as you are reading this, Candice and I are boarding a plane for a few fun filled days in Napa!

At a St. Jude event

As we all know, social media is a great platform and is truly the heart of my business. Unfortunately, because people can be anonymous, this can help breed online bullying. While I have been the recipient of such ugly behavior (and it feels terrible) it has only made me more determined to show true kindness and support to other women. The Blogger/ Influencer world is full of competition, however if we choose kindness over jealousy, great friendships can form.

Fun times while in NYC for New York Fashion Week where we stayed at The Surrey (where Meghan Markle just stayed!)

Some of my best friends have actually come out of my years working at The Bubbly Blonde. You never know what private battles a person is going through. Candice held out a kind hand when my world was falling apart, and I learned a great deal from her empathy. I want to thank her for being a true friend.

At a country concert for KNIX Radio

Why should we try to tear each other down, when we can actually enjoy and learn from one other? Candice and I often share contacts and advice to help each other grow our blogs. Be happy for other people because someday, it will be your turn to succeed and you will want people building you up, not tearing you down.

At a Phoenix Suns Game

If there are women who refuse to show kindness to you, reconsider their place in your life. When I see negativity, I get out of the way! Enjoy National Women’s Month and use these 30 days to learn more about the beautiful women around you. Your heart will thank you.

If you have not met Candice, be sure to follow her! If you want to follow along on our incredible Napa trip, be sure to check out my Instagram and her Instagram.

At a Bruno Mars concert

I’ll leave you with these wise words by Anthony T. Hicks: “There will always be someone better looking, better off, smarter, richer, thinner, taller, shorter, have more friends than you, a better car or a better house. You might not have what they have, but when you look in the mirror, that’s you! And that’s something that they don’t have and will never have!”

McKenna xo

At an event for The Palmeraie at Hanger One in Scottsdale

What I Wore at Estancia La Jolla Hotel & Spa
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